PGP Welcomes Project Manager Joe Butler to the Team

At PGP, we focus our experience, energy and resources on shortening the runway for emerging franchise brands to make it to the national stage. We handle every touchpoint in the franchising process, acting as an in-house franchise development team for phenomenal new brands that would otherwise have to build their own teams with less experienced players and hope for the best.

Enter Joe Butler

With people like PGP’s newest recruit, Project Manager Joe Butler, the brands and franchisees that work with us don’t have to hope for the best. We are the best.

We brought Joe onto the PGP team to oversee and help franchisees navigate the process from lease signing to their new franchise’s grand opening. He’ll work one-on-one with new franchisees to ensure their design, permitting, bidding, construction, and licensing processes run as smoothly as possible. For Joe, it’s about being committed to helping others achieve their goals.

We asked Joe a few questions to learn more about what motivates him and his work.

Pivotal Growth Partners: Where are you from, Joe?

Joe Butler: I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but I spent most of my life in Michigan where I attended Alma College and later Oakland University in the Detroit area. More recently, I have tried to stay where it’s warmer. I spent the last 14 years in Panama City Beach, Florida and most recently moved to Somerset, Kentucky.

PGP: What makes you a great project manager?

JB: My experience and my approach. I have a strong 30-year background in leadership roles for international manufacturing and distribution companies.

I ran projects both as Controller and Vice President for Xactform USA, a global cutting tool distributor. I also served in the roles of Estimator and Inside Sales for Northern Tool, and both Plant Manager and Controller for Duramet Corporation.

It may be my background in accounting, but I have a task-driven approach to projects.

I have used that skill to my advantage many times in the past—memorably, with a $1M+ addition to a manufacturing facility I had been asked to handle as a side project on top of my other regular duties. To do it all right, you have to live and die by a checklist – and that’s why this role at PGP is a perfect fit for me.

The PGP team and its brands rely on the Store Opener tool within Franconnect to assist in managing the store opening process.  This digital checklist is a roadmap that guides franchisees from franchise award to opening their doors.  My role as Project Manager ensures that our franchisees remain on top of their checklist items as they navigate toward opening while adhering to process, systems and procedures of the franchisor, ensuring a successful opening.

PGP: What brought you here to PGP?

JB: I enjoy interacting with people and helping them achieve their goals both in my personal life and in my work, clients and franchisees included. PGP is dedicated to helping their clients and franchisees achieve their goals as successful national brands and high-earning multi-unit franchisees. I am honored to be part of that work.

When he’s not working to help franchisees launch their businesses, you may catch Joe catching some rays at the beach with his lovingly spoiled chihuahua.

Hoping to work with Joe and the rest of the Pivotal Growth Partners franchise development experts? Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to own a disruptive new concept or a new franchise on the rise, we’re here to help you meet and exceed your goals and kick-start fast and sustainable growth for your business. Learn more about how we do it, here.

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