PGP Brings on Experienced Project Manager Malcolm Jarrell – a trusted pair of hands guiding franchises through the store opening process

Malcolm Jarrell is a builder. Whether it’s industrial or commercial, our new Project Manager brings decades of global experience with projects of all types regardless of size to the PGP team. Read on to get to know our newest team member.

Pivotal Growth Partners: Tell us about you!

Malcolm Jarrell: I’d describe myself as a moving target—I’ve lived and worked in many different places but spent most of my working life in Houston.

I build things. That’s been the basis of my personal hobbies and professional goals for most of my life. I have degrees in chemical engineering and biology from the University of South Alabama. In my career, whether it’s managing the physical construction of a brick-and-mortar facility or developing a conceptual plan for business expansion, I enjoy the work of combining resources to create a new structure.

Within that realm, I’m always trying something new. Woodworking is my latest hobby. I especially like to build wooden gates. There’s something fascinating about the way a well-designed wooden gate can be so inviting and make you wonder what’s on the other side.

I have also been married to my wife, Susan for 32 years. We raised two kids together; our son is a video editor in Los Angeles and our daughter is an administrator at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

PGP: What philosophy guides your work?

MJ: My goal is to help entrepreneurs take their dreams to the next level or realize their vision. Helping others succeed and sharing in their success is incredibly motivating.

I believe it takes the experience of having achieved great success to be able to help others achieve it. PGP’s leadership has achieved transformational growth on their own long before they offered their expertise to others. The success they had in their individual careers and, later, growing some of the country’s most impressive franchise brands serves as compelling evidence for their ability to help others do the same.

Apart from ability, I value trust and the integrity it takes to earn it. I strive to build trust in my relationships, both personal and professional, and I can say with confidence that PGP is a company that you can count on.

PGP: What does your working life look like?

MJ: Before PGP, I managed engineering business units at a Fortune 500 construction company and a global energy and infrastructure company based in the Netherlands. I have also worked as a strategic planning facilitator for businesses of all types.

Now, I’m making use of that experience to help incoming Jeremiah’s Italian Ice  franchisees navigate the design, permitting, construction and opening process of their new franchise locations.

Malcolm’s role requires him to manage upwards of 25 to 30 locations per brand at any given time. Not only is he uber-organized and a multi-tasking guru, he is also able to tell you at the drop of a hat where any of these projects stand on any given day. Pretty impressive for a guy with a degree in chemical engineering and biology.

Interested in working with Malcolm or any of the other top-level talent at Pivotal Growth Partners? PGP helps connect entrepreneurs to the most disruptive emerging franchise brands and works with those brands to kick-start fast and sustainable growth. Learn more about how we do it, here.


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