Steve Hoza’s Here to Get Our Brands Growing

Even in the world of franchising, the age-old real estate maxim stands: location, location, location. Few know this better than Pivotal Growth Partners’ Real Estate Specialist, Steve Hoza. We borrowed some time from Steve’s hectic travel schedule to pick his brain about who he is, what he does, and what motivates his work in franchise real estate.


Pivotal Growth Partners: You’re a Buckeye, right? What else should we know about you?

Steve Hoza: That’s right. I am from Cincinnati Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University and remain a proud and loyal Buckeye Fan. I have been married for 14 years to my wife Joelle—we joke that we’ve been blessed with no children but are the proud parents of a terrier named Rudy. In my time away from the office, I enjoy golf, traveling and spending time with friends.


PGP: Tell us about your background in real estate and franchising.

SH: I came to PGP having already worked with Cameron Cummins and Bryon Stephens on franchise growth at Marco’s Pizza, where we helped launch the brand from 167 units to 900+ units.  I’ve also done site selection work for 23+ years with brands like TitleMax and Check ‘n Go, where I helped the brand grow from 200 units to 1,200+.

I have extensive experience in negotiation, retail site selection, sales, and working with landlords. As a real estate specialist here at PGP, I’ll be relying on my experience and history in financial services and the restaurant industry to help the corporate franchise development team at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice develop and improve their processes for site selection, demographic studies and market planning across the U.S.


PGP: What exactly does a franchise real estate specialist do?

SH: In a nutshell, my role is to help franchisees find successful sites for their franchise units. I work with the franchisor to determine the right market area with a high volume of traffic from their target demographic. I also work as an advocate for the franchisee to ensure the economics of the deal are acceptable to give their business its best chance at profitability.  

The current real estate market is competitive – many tenants are bidding on the same, top-quality real estate – my job is to ensure landlords are giving our franchisees a fair chance and to stay in front of these opportunities before they are scooped up. I’ll also be working with brokers on a national level to make sure our brands get exceptional representation in local markets across the U.S.


PGP: Why did you decide to bring your talents to us?

SH: The most exciting thing about PGP is its unique position in the franchise growth space. There aren’t many opportunities to work with so many phenomenal emerging brands, help them kickstart growth and see them become major national players in their categories.


PGP has an impressively experienced and talented team. We’ve all spent the last 12+ years in the franchising world. We know how to overcome tough economic conditions, macro and micro brand growth challenges and more. With our history and experience, we’re in a strong position to help up-and-coming brands begin, continue and accelerate their growth.

Learn more about how Steve and the rest of the PGP team help aspiring business owners and emerging brands find their groove in franchising, here.

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