Katie Lutzow,
Senior Director of Marketing and Special Projects

Katie Lutzow, Senior Director of Marketing

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Katie Lutzow has a high tolerance for cold weather and even higher standards when it comes to her work. Katie was destined for greatness and thankfully, the universe pointed her in the direction of Pivotal Growth Partners. She has joined our team as an Account Executive, ensuring that we are keeping pace to hit the metrics we’ve outlined for our clients’ growth.

Think of Katie as a utility player. The dependable individual who will get involved in multiple areas of the business. She possesses a unique sales and marketing experience that allows her to identify and evaluate opportunities from multiple vantage points for the brands PGP serves. A play caller and a play maker, Katie is someone you want to have the ball (or your brand) in her hands when the game is on the line.

Prior to becoming part of the PGP family, Katie worked as a national account executive for Clear Channel Radio Sales, known as iHeartRadio today. Representing over 1400 radio stations nationwide, Katie was a music marketing maven. While she enjoyed the sales aspect of her job, Katie was consistently looking for strategic partnerships with larger promotional opportunities. This combination of sales and promotions turned out to be the sweet spot – making the work itself more enjoyable and the end results more impressive. After Katie’s stint at Clear Channel Radio Sales, she joined In House Marketing where she worked almost exclusively with auto manufacturers on traffic driving campaigns for 10+ years.

Over the course of her career, Katie has joined forces with many popular and renowned brands such as Verizon, Shoe Carnival, and Lexus. Since joining PGP, Katie has helped build the framework to launch the franchising programs for clients such as Balance Grille and Starbird Chicken.  Additionally, Katie has jumped into the PGP led initiative, Franchising for Heroes, to assist in both program and curriculum development.. PGP clients can live by the motto of Bob Marley’s lyrics: Don’t worry about a thing. Because with Katie, they can rest assured, every little thing is gonna to be alright. Finding solutions to challenges just happens to be Katie’s forte.

For Katie, there is a fulfillment that exists within the new set of objectives that present themselves daily as she tackles each task with enthusiasm. Katie is excited about the growth potential she sees for PGP and our clients. The company has already accomplished so much and in doing so, has paved a path for a future filled with room for expansion in multiple directions. If you ask Katie, the best is yet to come.


  • Katie represented over 1400 radio stations nationwide during her time as an Account Executive for Clear Channel Radio Sales.
  • Brands such as Lexus, Toyota and Audi entrusted Katie with the task of creating traffic driving campaigns.
  • Mother to four children and a successful career woman — that definitely qualifies as a noteworthy accomplishment.

You Should Know

  • Katie is somewhat of a learn-aholic. After graduating from Indiana University, she actually returned to Loyola University Chicago for graduate work.
  • Quite the hostess, Katie loves to cook and plan get-togethers. From appetizers to desserts, she can prepare a five-star worthy, elegant meal. Everyone knows it’s not the calories that count, but the company and conversation.