Malcolm Jarrell,

Malcolm Jarrell, Project ManagerFirst and foremost, Malcolm considers himself a builder, whether it’s the physical construction of a brick and mortar facility or the conceptual plan for business expansion—and he has plenty of experience in both. Before coming aboard the PGP team, he managed the engineering business units at a Fortune 500 construction company and a global energy and infrastructure company based in the Netherlands. He also worked as a strategic planning facilitator for businesses of all types.

So, when it comes to flexing his strengths in project management at PGP, Malcolm Jarrell’s found his groove as a trusted pair of hands helping franchisees navigate the permitting and construction processes as they build and open their new stores.

Malcolm’s role requires him to manage upwards of 25 to 30 locations per brand at any given time. Not only is he uber-organized and a multi-tasking guru, he is also able to tell you at the drop of a hat where any of these projects stand on any given day. Pretty impressive for a guy with a degree in chemical engineering and biology.

Bottom line, if you want to be efficient with your opening timeline and generate sales as quickly as possible—Malcolm is the guy you want leading the way!

Malcolm most enjoys work when he spends his days alongside talented, creative people who are focused and results-driven. To him, that was a large part of the appeal of joining the team of franchise growth specialists at PGP. He realizes it takes the experience of having achieved great success to be able help others achieve it.

“PGP is a company that you can count on.”

Malcolm finds helping others achieve success and sharing in their success incredibly motivating. He sees PGP’s model as a way for him to fulfill a goal of helping entrepreneurs take their dreams to the next level or realize their vision. The way he sees it, PGP’s leaders achieved transformational growth on their own long before they offered their expertise to others. To Malcolm, that track record means proven ability and trust.


  • Malcolm sees himself as a bit of a nomad, but has spent most of his working life in Houston.
  • He holds degrees in chemical engineering and biology from the University of South Alabama.

You Should Know

  • He and his wife Susan have been married for 32 years and the two are proud of the successes of their two children.
  • Their son is a video editor in Los Angeles and their daughter is an administrator at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
  • Lately, outside of the office, he’s been trying his hand at woodworking and enjoys building gates that entice the eye and invite you in.
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