C.O.R.E. Principles

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You’ve done the work and now your franchise brand is ready to grow. Your concept is a unique industry disruptor. Your operations are streamlined. You’ve gotten to the scale sweet spot of 5-20 units and you’ve created a growth-ready culture. What’s next? You reach out to Pivotal Growth Partners. After a consulting phase that includes working with brand leaders to uncover and implement solutions for maximizing growth, we’ll help you address the four main hurdles to franchise development: capital, operators, real estate and experience – also known as C.O.R. E.


PGP was founded because we saw a gap in the franchise development market. Brands with fewer than 20 units were being ignored by private equity firms. But we are experts at seeing the potential of brands in the early stages of expansion. And, using one of our brand equity investment strategies, we provide the capital to help that growth happen.

Performance-Based Equity

Pivotal Growth Partners purchases equity earned through performance and manages business development of all future growth.

Complete Buyout

PGP purchases the entire concept to guide operations while growing the brand.


Joining the PGP family means we are here to facilitate operational excellence. While you may have worked to streamline your current operations, our experts will work with you to eliminate any holes that might exist in your system. Plus, we have the operational expertise to also advise on staffing, training, systems and more, further readying your brand for rapid growth. Then we bring in seasoned franchise operators to get your brand running smoothly in new locations nationwide. PGP operators include area developers and multi-unit franchisee groups looking to grow their portfolios with forward-thinking, emerging brands.

Real Estate

Access to commercial real estate can be a significant barrier to franchising for younger brands. But PGP has found ways to help our brands overcome it. We have partnered with real estate agents, architects, engineers and real estate investment trusts across the country to create and find the spaces our brands need to thrive. In fact, we are contracted for the development of 200 commercial centers over the next four years. PGP has the resources to help you – and your new franchisees – deal with the logistics of real estate and site selection.


PGP brings decades of franchising experience to the table. We’ve seen it all and – by partnering with you – we can share our expertise. Just like you’ve spent years building your brand from the ground up and learning along the way, we have honed our strategic approach thanks to years of franchise development, operations and management. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to brand development, we have a wealth of knowledge to pull from in order to solve the unique challenges of your growing brand. Thanks to the experience of co-founders Bryon Stephens and Cameron Cummins, PGP has created a culture of growth that extends to each brand in the PGP family.

You have a unique franchise brand that’s ready to grow, we have the C.O.R.E essentials that can make it happen. Combining your brand with our access to capital, operators, real estate and experience could be your next step. If you are ready to grow with PGP, reach out.

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