Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Unites with Pivotal Growth Partners

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the coolest brand on the franchise market. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has been serving up their tasty frozen treats since 1996. After opening a cool 20+ stores in Florida, they’ve already achieved founder Jeremy Litwack’s initial goal to bring Italian Ice where it’s never been before and create a market for Italian Ice in the South.

Now his sights are set on something bigger: to be the coolest frozen dessert franchise in the country. And, after seeing what this brand could do on its own under Jeremy’s leadership, we’re confident Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is capable of meeting that goal and then some.

You’ve Never Tasted Anything Like This

Jeremy learned the craft of making authentic Italian Ice in Philadelphia, where he launched his first business selling his tasty frozen treats from a mobile cart. Every bite of a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is bursting with indulgent flavors that span the taste spectrum. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is a unique dessert experience, featuring a bold and vibrant line of refreshing and delicious, crave-able treats alongside their energetic brand.

In the years since he first honed his craft, Jeremy has perfected his proprietary formula, developing every Italian Ice flavor on Jeremiah’s extensive menu and even adding a fun twist: the Jeremiah’s Gelati. Jeremiah’s flagship product, their Gelati is the perfect layering of refreshing Italian Ice with their rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream.

The Hottest Brand in Frozen Desserts

Jeremiah’s 22 locations have achieved results many 1,000-unit brands dream of. Having invested heavily in his corporate team over the years, Jeremy has created a top-notch team with power hitters overseeing every aspect of the business. They’ve developed an impeccable onboarding and training system, established a recognized and beloved brand, and completely disrupted the frozen dessert market with their decadent products and vibrant culture.

As it stands, Jeremiah’s has it all. Their unit-level economics are impressive and steady, with a strong sales-to-investment ratio that makes the concept attractive to anyone looking to grow an investment portfolio or own a business with massive growth potential. Their rockin’, fun-lovin’, good-vibes culture has led to a loyal cult following throughout their home state and beyond. All that, combined with their replicable model and scalable systems, make their franchise opportunity second to none.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to partner with the team at Jeremiah’s. Their phenomenal model and unforgettable brand, coupled with our combined 50+ years of experience in the franchise space and a proven track record of successful brand growth, is the perfect recipe for franchise success. And we’re excited to get started.

Stay on the Lookout

Jeremiah’s is kicking off franchise growth in some of the hottest markets in the country – literally. Looking to capitalize on underserved markets in the southern states and the Sun Belt, we’re launching the concept for national recognition in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama before expanding north to take on the rest of the U.S.

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