Meet Rick Schanz, Our Development Dynamo

Rick Schanz, Development Manager

PGP: What led you to your role as Development Manager at Pivotal Growth Partners?

Rick Schanz: I met Cameron Cummins in the fall of 1983 at Miami University. We were first freshman year roommates and then became life-long friends.  Our careers crossed paths many times over the years, and we even worked at the same agency and on various project teams together. Over the years, we developed a professional trust that would eventually attract me to the new opportunity at PGP. I also met Bryon early on in my career. Bryon was, at first, a client when Cam began working on franchise recruitment programs for Big Boy and YUM! Brands. I didn’t meet Casey and Amanda until coming on board at PPG, however, I am proud to work with such a knowledgeable and caring team that gets things done.

The best part about being a part of the PGP team is the people. The people I work with are the best in the industry and are great fun to work and travel with. I’m excited to work with everyone and learn and grow with each new opportunity presented to this rapidly growing company.

PGP: Can you tell us a little about your role?

RS: I build relationships with our clients and prospective franchisees, learning about the people and the “why” behind the “what.” It makes every day exciting and new. Our franchise recruits come from all walks of life and all areas of the world. I love learning what makes them tick and helping them through the franchise discovery process. With clients, I always try to have their best interests at heart and be a team member they know they can count on to get things done.

PGP: So here at PGP, we’re all about growth. What has driven your personal career growth?

RS: Having attended a liberal arts college, I mastered “learning how to learn.” Be it a foreign language, history, or business practice; I have been able to change and adapt to be successful in every step and change of my chosen profession. Simply put, I’m a quick learner. If I’m not familiar with a specific industry or business model, I will study the business and represent our clients’ interests as my own. And lucky for me, our client partners represent some of the best concepts and let me into their kitchens to taste — I mean study — their latest creations.

PGP: You’ve known Cam Cummins for quite a while; do you consider him to be an important mentor for you?

RS: Cameron Cummins has always been someone who I have respected and modeled my work ethic after. With Cam, promises are kept or exceeded, and deadlines are met. I’m also inspired by Roger “The Captain” Penske, a business and sports personality. Roger is an Ohio native (like me), who combined his love of motorsports, his business acumen, and his competitive nature to create partnerships and teams that have achieved success on and off the track. I had the opportunity to work with Roger as part of racing sponsorship activation. I learned from his personal approach in business that it is important to know not only the names of the people you work with or work for you (he has an uncanny memory for names) but also to remember something special about them. Being genuine and caring will yield results and dividends in your career and business endeavors. 

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