Pivotal Growth Travels to Chicago for a Conrad’s Grill Opening

A Giant Tot Wrap from Conrad's Grill, home of the Original Tot Wrap.

If you haven’t yet heard of a Tot Wrap – you’re about to learn the meaning of craving. Meet Conrad’s Grill, Home of the Original Tot Wrap and the next big thing heating up Chicago’s bar food scene, morning, night and late-late night, over the next year. Our recent deal with the college-town favorite is already showing signs of big growth with the November 14 opening of their newest store in Chicago’s Wicker Park, the first location outside of its native Michigan.

When we first encountered the East Lansing staple, we knew it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Created and founded by Michigan State alumnus Joseph Conrad, Conrad’s Grill combines the best of late-night binge fare and fires it up in a delicious tortilla wrap. The restaurant became a cult favorite among MSU students, who you can find lined up out the door of any of Conrad’s three East Lansing locations between 12am and 3am no matter the weather.

These wraps pack a punch

Conrad’s Grill is known for its bursting grilled wraps stuffed with everyone’s favorite potato product: tater tots. You read that right. Tater tots in a wrap. Tots loaded with proteins, cheeses and sauces, wrapped up in a tortilla and slapped on the grill. Tots piled with eggs and bacon. Tots topped with chicken, cheese, ranch and sour cream. The tot is the heart of the wrap. Guests can round out their meal with mac & cheese bites, French toast sticks, spicy fried pickles and other sides.

The Conrad's Grill Big Breakfast Tot Wrap.

It’s crave-able at any hour. It’s late-night salvation. It’s a dignified morning-after cure. It’s the brunch spot where you don’t have to wait an hour for a table. It’s made quickly, but it’s not fast food. It’s the home of the Original Tot Wrap, and it’s exactly what you need, when you need it. And Conrad’s wraps are available for dine-in or delivery from morning until late, late, late night.

Prepping for big brand growth

The brand’s obvious potential made it an easy pick for a joint venture investment for us and our developer partners in the Midwest. Merging the vision of the Conrad family with our 50+ years of combined restaurant franchise growth expertise, we’re focused on scaling Conrad’s Grill sustainably, ensuring the system can support rapid regional growth.

We’ve got 3 to 5 locations coming to Chicago neighborhoods in the next couple of years and considering several on-campus restaurants as we refine the concept and maximize its potential. After that, we’ll be sending the Tot Wrap to college towns and bar-centric commercial areas nationwide. But no matter how far the concept travels, guests can expect the same quality of food and service they would find at the original Conrad’s Grill locations.

Inside the newest Conrad's Grill location in Chicago.


Bringing Conrad’s to the next stage

PGP concept expert Jeff Kaplan knew it was the prime time to expand the Conrad’s Grill brand: “There has been pent-up demand from MSU graduates for years. With such a large population of alumni in Chicago, our team instantly knew this is the perfect first stop on our tot tour. And since Conrad’s is the home of the Original Tot Wrap, the craveable, hand-held meals draw more repeat customers than you’re likely to find throughout the industry. We’re thrilled to feed hungry and hungover people in Wicker Park and beyond.”

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