Cameron Cummins,

Cameron Cummins Co-Founder PGP

A Midwest native, Cameron Cummins grew up with a desire to make a big impact. His upbringing instilled him with an ambitious sense of purpose and innate desire to find success on his own terms – even if he had to carve his own path.

But it was in California over thirty years ago, during his time growing the then-brand-new Lexus automotive company to international acclaim, that he learned the four keys to leading a successful life:

  1. If you want to learn to grow a business correctly, learn from the biggest and best examples.
  2. If you can find a market gap, you can find a way to use it to your advantage.
  3. If you want to beat your competition, work harder than they do.
  4. Surfing and snowboarding aren’t sports, they’re lifestyles.

It was also at Lexus that Cam became the youngest person to have held every professional title within the automotive field. Beginning to realize his own potential within the restrictive bureaucracy of an enormous company, he decided to leave the most successful brand launch in automotive history to become an entrepreneur.

Since then, he’s made it his mission to further himself and his career through output alone, working hard and using his skills to grow companies. Applying a disruptive approach, Cam has created his own success wherever he went, emphasizing innovative ideas and dismantling traditional methodologies, whether for companies he worked with, like Clear Channel and Yum! Brands, or for those he launched, including PowerPact, LLC and inHOUSE Marketing.

His work as the leader of inHOUSE eventually led to the development of his own growth company – PGP’s predecessor – through which he and his business partner, Bryon Stephens secured the exclusive franchise sales rights to Marco’s Pizza. Together, they grew the company to an award-winning international brand, earning approval from Nation’s Restaurant News, who named Marco’s the “Undisputed King of New Store Development.”


  • 20+ years of growth & franchising
  • Recent CDO with Marco’s Pizza. Grew the company from a small regional brand of 139 stores in three states to an international brand operating 761 stores with 124 additional stores upcoming in 33 states and four countries
  • Senior leader in growth & franchising at Yum! Brands
  • Responsible for opening more than 1,800 franchise outlets

You Should Know

  • Cam’s most valuable skill is his ability to deconstruct complex problems into the individual, executable steps that form it.
  • While he was studying for a Finance Degree from Miami University in Ohio, Cam was considering becoming an actuary – something he laughs about now.
  • When he manages to find time away from growing brands, he spends it unwinding outdoors with his wife and three kids on their farm in Wisconsin.

A few of the brands Cameron's helped grow.

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